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Outline of Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is generally used to change the chemical composition and for spheroidization and annealing of hot-rolled steel sheet by using 60T, 5.0T, 4.0T, 3.5T, 3.2T and 3.0T hot rolled steel (HR) , through which the properties of the steel plate structure can be secured.
Through cold rolling and annealing, the thickness, strength, surface, flatness, etc. of the steel plate are adjusts to meet the customers’ needs.
Its excellent press processing, drawing, molding and workability are suitable for various uses ranging from cars, electricity, electronics, office supplies, industrial machines to household goods and construction materials.

High Carbon Steel Strip

Product Specification Application field
S30CM Retainers
S35CM Office equipment parts, Friction plates
S45CM Chain parts, Clutch parts, Retaniners, Washers
S50CM Chain parts, Clutch parts, Measuring tape, Springs, Strutural parts of cameras, Washers, Safety buckles
S55CM Can openers, Safety shoes, Springs, Structural parts of cameras, Thompson blades
S65CM Clutch parts, Safety Shoes, Springs, Washers
S70CM Hand saws for woodworking, Office equipment parts, Springs, Washers

Carbon Tool Steel Strip

Product Specification Application field
SK3M Cutlery, Hack saws, Springs
SK4M Cutlery, Knitting needles, Measuring tape, Pen points, Razor blades, Springs, Wind-up spring
SK5M Band saws for woodworking and lumbering, Clutch parts, Cutlery, Knitting needles, Gauges, Measuring tape, Office equipment parts, Round saws , Springs

Chromium Molybdenum Steel Strip

SKN415M safety buckle, Typewriter parts
SKN430M Chain parts, safety belt part, thomson blade
SKN435M Shank
SKN440M Chain parts, Office equipment parts

Spring Steel Strip

50CrV4 Hose clip, Special spring