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DONG JIN STEEL values your continuous support.

In the 21st century when the economy changes rapidly through strict quality management and technology development, all employees at DONG JIN STEEL are making their best effort to establish customer-centered thinking.

First, we strive to think from customers’ point of view to seek customer satisfaction and listen to our customers to provide better services.

Second, quality assurance is essential to any business. Dongjin will practice continuous quality improvement and strict management system to supply perfect products.

Third, Dongjin will be your perfect business partner by making timely delivery and saving costs.

"We will provide customer satisfaction and great partnership."

We strive to understand customers’ needs, save costs, make timely delivery and seek customer satisfaction with our product quality.

Thank you for your continuous support and we promise you to become the best.
Thank you.


Name DONG JIN STEEL Co., Ltd. CEO Jang Taegyu
Founded on June 2001 Business Steel manufacturing/wholesale and retail
대표번호 +82-31-434-8651~2 FAX +82-31-434-8653
Address Gunjacheonro 35, Siheung City, Gyeonggido (Jeongwang-dong, 2-ba 402-1)